Shanti Pant Foundation

Helping to educate children of Nepal

Around 900 children are getting benefitted
every year with our small effort.

Hear from the children

We are helping the children to educate 


Shanti Pant Foundation aims to achieve increased school attendance of underprivileged children, especially girls of village communities of Nepal by enabling them to meet their basic needs to increase their ability to attend school.


Shanti Pant Foundation is non-profit organization providing access to education to underprivileged children, especially girls of village communities of Nepal.


To improve in the education sector of the Village communities of Nepal targeting young school going girls who are set aside due to poverty.

May all the children be treated equally 

Helping to educate children of Nepal

Currently, Shanti Pant Foundation is working to improve living standards and education quality on four schools from different areas of Nepal. These include Bardia – Sukhad, Bardia – Thakurdwara, Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchok.

We help  and support the schools in a wide variety of ways. These include; helping with renovations, obtaining clean drinking water, creating teachers’ sponsorship’s, providing school uniforms, writing materials and sanitary materials for the girls.

We try to help wherever we can, and go wherever help is required. And so we try to extend our reach throughout Nepal, in order to help as many children as possible, so that we can help work on a brighter future for Nepal.

Shree Kaleshwari Basic School – Lalitpur

Shree Ganesh Secondary School - Kavre

Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School – Bhaktapur

Shree Suryodaya Primary School – Bardia

Shree Nepal Rastriya Aadharbhoot Vidhyalaya – Bardia

Our Impacts


Girls are getting sanitary materials every quarter


Students got school dress and basic necessities


Students are benefitted from clean drinking water


Students got awareness program


Students are getting stationery and
educational materials every quarter

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