Shree Suryodaya Primary School – Bardia

On April 2017, we started another journey towards Bardia, the Terai region of the country which is 376 km away from Kathmandu valley. Our target is to reach the diverse regions of the country so we will join our helping hands with the schools in Terai, hilly and mountainous region and Bardia was our first stop.

We visited Sukhad village and joined hands with Shree Suryodaya Primary School as it was in need. The school comprises 89 students as per the record. They have been running an Early Child Development (ECD) program and a primary level education up to grade 5.

The school lacked basic facilities which came in our view as the students belong to the marginalized group of the society. The students lacked:-

  • Basic educational materials
  • Good sanitary materials
  • Clean drinking water
  • Unfriendly classrooms for disabled children
  • Proper toilets
  • Bad infrastructure

The foundation targeted its aim to support the school in the subsequent aspects as per the necessities:-

  • Distribute Sanitary Pads for girls every three months
  • Distribute stationeries and educational materials like books, notebooks, pen etc every quarter
  • Distribute school Dress and other necessities like umbrella, uniform, shoes, sandals, bags and even winter essentials
  • Classroom Improvement with battery operated fans
  • Clean drinking water by making filtration in the school premises
  • Classroom improvements by carpeting the room floors and providing cushions, low tables plus other essentials
  • Construction of play station with monkey swing bar
  • Provided dustbin fo the toilets

Today, we have seen lots of changes in the students and their interest as their attendance has increased.

Before: –    89                                                                                           After: – 102

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