School dress and basic necessities

Most parents in rural Nepal struggle to keep up with the basic needs of putting food on the table or a roof over their family’s head. Sending their kids to school with all the educational material is a next level job for them.

It’s out of imagination for them to fulfill higher-level needs when they can’t fulfill the basic necessities. So, when the kids go to school they need proper study materials along with school dress but as a parent who can’t fulfill their own basic necessities fail on fulfilling the other materials. The kids go to the school but his heart is worried about their basic needs, it’s hard for them to focus on the studies without proper study materials like a book to read, a pencil or a pen to write and even a dress to cover their body.

Nepalese is deprived of basic education, health, and access to resources. Distribution of poverty across the country varies with high severity in rural mountain and low in urban areas.

With your support, we will be able to provide the basic necessities that the children need to concentrate on their studies and perform better in their learning activities.

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