Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School – Bhaktapur

On May 2017, we visited “Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School” situated at Thimi, Bhaktapur. The school located in a slum area near the valley were facing the basic crisis. The school where the students are studied till grade 8 consist of 237 students.

The government school though was built to provide basic education to the localities students but they failed to provide a good environment to the children. The much non-profit organization has been helping the schools in many ways but still, the school is not able to stand still on it’s on till date.

We saw two main problems which were ignored for years. They were:-

  • No good toilets for the students and teachers
  • No clean drinking water
  • Insufficient funding to complete the office building
  • Insufficient cleaners
  • No dustbin in the school premises

Both these problems were risking the students to many diseases. The school was surrounded by garbage which polluted the area. It was a threat as it increases the risk of epidemics and water-borne diseases. The toilets were not separated for the girls due to which they were not attending the schools during their menstruation. The less attendance hampered their studies which ended them failing the class and repeating another year again.

Learning the necessities Shanti Pant Foundation aimed to fulfill the required requirements for the schools through our commitments:

  • Supply drinking water daily
  • Built toilets for the children
  • Provided cleaners to maintain the hygiene of bathrooms
  • Helped in completing the renovation of the classrooms
  • Provided dustbin for all the classroom and corridors
  • Repaired toilets
  • Running awareness program to educate children to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene.

We have already completed building the toilets and every day we are providing 4/5 jars of clean drinking water and built classrooms.

The newly added facility has encouraged the students to attend the school regularly.

Before: – 249                                                                                         After:- 280

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