Clean drinking water

Nepal is known as the second richest country in water resources. It tops the chart when we talk about natural resources. But the sad truth is that it’s not able to provide clean drinking water to its people. Many people are risking their lives to water-borne disease and fall sick now and then because of polluted and contaminated water.

About 80% of all disease in the developing world is related to unsafe water. Worldwide, 5.3% of all deaths and 6.8% of all disability are caused by unsafe water. Nepal though is trying it’s best to provide safe water to its people but its failing due to insufficient funds as the country has been victims of many natural disasters throughout these years. The students are not able to have clean drinking water which makes them fall sick and has been affecting their attendance.

Shanti Pant Foundation aims at providing safe drinking water to the students of Nepal so that the children don’t fall sick and miss their schools. We aim to reach out to rural Nepal to help the children in need of clean drinking water.

With your support, we will be able to help the children with clean drinking water.

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