Stationery and educational materials

Despite several attempts to tackle it, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty in Nepal is a rural phenomenon with most of the population living in villages, with agriculture as their main source of survival. It has the direct impact on the education and well-being of the children of rural Nepal. There is lack of education infrastructure and the number of schools is itself very less in some places. Children, especially girls are deprived of education and their chances of getting a better life are very slim.

Understanding this, Shanti Pant Foundation works in identifying such areas where there is a need for help to local schools with stationery and educational materials. We work in collaboration with local schools and people, understand the need and supply children with stationery and education materials so they get the quality education despite their poverty.

With your support, we will make them smile with basic education materials and stationery.

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