Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School – Kavre

Nepal suffered a massive natural disaster in the year 2015 which left the country in crisis in various sectors including the education sector. Due to the earthquake, the children were not able to attend school regularly because of various problems faced on a daily basis.

Amongst many “Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School” located in a small rural village called Chalal, Kavrepalanchowk was one of the schools which were dealing with many daily problems and was at the stage of closing down. They had lost their school building and classrooms, the only space was their playground.  This circumstance forced children to stay at home than going to school. Mainly girls were forced to stay at home throughout their menstruation days due to lack of proper toilets and awareness regarding menstruation hygiene and sanitary materials.

Shanti Pant Foundation took the initiative to identify and resolve their daily real problems. The school mainly was facing following problems:-

  • Destroyed school building and classrooms
  • Insufficient teachers for various subjects
  • Shortage of Sanitary materials for the girls
  • Shortage of educational materials and stationaries
  • No playing equipment and  materials
  • Lack of awareness in handling menstruation hygiene

Shanti Pant Foundation contributed following to resolve the issues: –

  • Build the school with a permanent infrastructure, meaning new school building and classrooms
  • Sponsored eligible teacher
  • Provided girls with sanitary pads
  • Provided various stationaries and school uniform for few students
  • Spread awareness program to the girls regarding menstrual hygiene
  • Provided visual equipment and playgroup materials
  • Providing stationers and basic essentials to Ritu till she reaches class 12

Due to the help and support provided school attendance has remarkably increased. Today, the students are very happy to attend their classes in their new building.

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