Sanitary materials for girls

Imagine a young girl, having to sleep in a cold and damp cowshed every four to seven days a month during her periods. For many girls in rural Nepal, this is the reality as during her menstruation she is considered “impure”. This age-old tradition is still there in Nepal and is called as Chhaupadi. Though the parliament of Nepal has taken action and made it criminalized there a long way to abolish from the community. This is one of many challenges for the young girls to face in Nepal when they are on their period.

Many girls in Nepal do not attend school when they have their period because of shame, worry, and embarrassment of people finding out cause till date the conservative society take period as a taboo. The girls are scared of blood leaking onto their clothes. When a girl misses school because of her period, she risks falling behind in her studies which may cause them to lose interest and drop out of school.

Many have the mentality of girls getting married so rather than sending them to schools they prefer them do the household chores and look after their siblings. When she has her first menstruation then the parents worry about her marriage which stops her from going to school. Varied reasons and problems faced during menstruation snatch a girl’s dream of being educated.

Shanti Pant Foundation is doing its best to provide girls with sanitary materials as it understands that the girl’s attendance in school is important for continuity of their education. We go from place to place to understand the realities and try to help those girls in need.

With your support, we will be able to bring positive impacts in the lives of these girls and make way for their better future.

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