Who we are

Shanti Pant Foundation educates and empowers children who are deprived and are in need of help.

We work with government schools, communities and village leaders. We even coordinate and communicate with the parents to understand the needs of the student. Our Volunteers and team do door to- door visit to create awareness regarding the importance of education and do the utmost to bring effective changes.

Shanti Pant Foundation is strong-willed to help underprivileged children; especially girls to achieve their dreams of being empowered by enabling access to education so they don’t miss out on benefits which it brings to their life.

This foundation is established with the aim to help deprived young girls and children of the village community of Nepal. We are focused on providing basic necessities to the children and young girls with sanitary pads, uniform, shoes, school bags, undergarments, winter clothes etc. We help the schools with the renovation of classrooms and toilet facilities.

Shanti Pant Foundation believes that education is the only way to transform their lives. Thus this foundation will empower girls to attend school by providing support to fight their problems.

Nepal is a small, landlocked country facing challenges born of political instability, natural disasters, inaccessible settlements, and widespread poverty. Nearly half of all Nepali people live in poverty on less than $2 a day.


Shanti Pant Foundation aims to achieve increased school attendance of underprivileged children, especially girls of village communities of Nepal by enabling them to meet their basic needs to increase their ability to attend school.


Shanti Pant Foundation is non-profit organization providing access to education to underprivileged children, especially girls of village communities of Nepal.


To improve in the education sector of the Village communities of Nepal targeting young school going girls who are set aside due to poverty.

Founder and CEO​

Shanti Pant

I believe that everyone is born with a special talent and natural skill gift, one just has to realize it and utilize that life gift to share with others for humanity.

Since my young age, I have always felt sad to see children without school uniform and especially young girls being misused and living disadvantaged lives. My mind would wonder what I could do to help them to change.

I always intended to help them in a way my age and source would allow me by offering them some relief materials while walking by the street. I have always felt deep sorrow in my heart for their better living, better chances and opportunity in their life. I use to investigate factors around their lives which are causing the problem and blocking children to get a chance to transform their lives.

Sometimes life calls you to a different direction which did to me in 2017. I was too busy taking responsibility to become a good daughter, sister, mother, wife and every hardworking employee, I forgot myself. My self-realization to achieve my life goal made me this decision.

I made a profound decision in 2017 by confirming my life purpose to help those children as it had always mattered to me to see girls and children living disadvantage and unprivileged life. Hence, I have set goals which are realistic and achievable given to my life situation and limitations.

I intend to provide and empower girls to attend school by solving their basic fundamental needs. Education will make them independent; will give them the power to spread their wings to catch their dream. I wish for them a better life and better world by enabling themselves to work on the change.

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